Currently, our learning program covers 12 knowledge areas. These we identified as high-demand areas through learner research. Our curated learning path takes you in 2 directions.

We have our course bundles which are set to deliver holistic knowledge through 3 verticals in which our courses fall into.

You get to select from: 

A – Introduction to Film and production Bundle

  • Introduction to film
  • Production 101
  • Introduction to scriptwriting

B – Introduction to Entertainment Business Bundle

  • Entertainment Law 
  • Business of Entertainment
  • Introduction to Branding 
  • Introduction to songwriting

C – Introduction to Social media for Business Bundle

  • Social media for Business 
  • Business of Vlogging
  • Becoming an Influencer
  • Graphic design 
  • The Business of Fashion

These bundles form the basis for access to the intermediate and, ultimately, advanced levels of our program in collaboration with our learning partners.

At the end of this, you earn your certificates of training and have a chance to access the Phoenix Den. The Phoenix Den comprises fund and internship opportunities.

To access the fund, you’ll be required to make a convincing presentation focused on how you intend to scale or leverage the knowledge you have acquired in making an impact, on our executive board. 

The internship placement is also open to learners who have completed the advanced level.

Our bundles are built across 3 competency levels – Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced levels. 

The beginner levels we deliver through our intuitive learning management system built into our website.

Our intermediate & advanced levels are learner-exclusive structured in-person sessions focused on preparing you for entrepreneurship and employability in the creative space.